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GeneTests is a medical genetics information resource developed for physicians, genetic counselors, other healthcare providers and researchers. In this new version, GeneTests has an updated look and improved search functions. Our goal is to improve and simplify your searches for tests, clinics, and related information from external links, while maintaining the excellence you have come to expect from GeneTests.

GeneTests has two main components and generates search-derived links to outside resources:

  • A Laboratory Directory of over 600 international laboratories offering molecular genetic testing, biochemical genetic testing, and cytogenetic testing for more than 3,000 inherited disorders.
  • A Clinic Directory of over 1,000 international genetics clinics providing diagnosis and genetic counseling services to patients and their families with known or suspected inherited disorders.
  • GeneTests searches retrieve links to GeneReviews™ chapters and other external links such as OMIM and the Genetics Home Reference. (Note that GeneReviews are NIH-funded and developed and maintained by the University of Washington, Seattle, see www.genereviews.org for more information).

This version of GeneTests includes all clinical laboratory test listings and genetics clinics listings posted on the former GeneTests site as of May 23, 2013 as well as additional test and clinic listings that have been added since then.

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Mission Statement

By providing current, easy to access information on genetic testing and its use in diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling, GeneTests promotes the appropriate use of genetic services in patient care and personal decision making.


GeneTests is a wholly owned business unit of BioReference Laboratories but functions independent of the parent organization.


Laboratories and clinics not currently listed in GeneTests can use “Contact Us” so that we can provide you with access to enter new laboratory and clinic listings.

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