Expansion of the International Genetics Clinic Directory

August 29, 2016

We have revised and expanded the Clinics capabilities to create a more informative and truly International Genetics Clinic Directory. The database will continue to be organized around geographic location. The only staff listed by name are those for a contact individual if provided.

Newly added features include:

  • The clinic street address will link to Google maps.
  • Professional certifications in genetics from Canada, the UK, and Europe can now be displayed. We will add certifications in other countries as we become aware of them.
  • More detailed information about each clinic is displayed including languages spoken, hours, time zone, and a description of your clinic.
  • Specialty clinics can be selected from our list and displayed on your clinic’s page in GeneTests.
  • Each clinic can have an administrator designated for your GeneTests clinics listing. This person can directly access the clinic listing and edit information at any time.

What do the new listings look like?

In preparation for the launch, we have updated the profiles for a selected group of clinics. You can see the following updated clinic listings for Adult Genetics, Pediatric Genetics, Specialty Clinics and Prenatal Diagnosis.

How can I update or list my clinic in the International Genetics Clinic Directory?

  • Send an email to genetests@genetests.org requesting an account for login to add or update your listing.
  • Visit us at GeneTests Booth 907 at the NSGC Meeting in September.

How is the information vetted and selected?

Each request for a new clinic listing is reviewed to confirm it is a genetics clinic, and information provided is verified prior to adding a clinic to the Directory. It is each clinic’s responsibility to provide and maintain accurate information. 

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