Multi-Gene Panels and Multi-Method Panels

June 14, 2016

GeneTests has changed the previous test type “Panels” to “Multi-Gene Panels” and has added a new test type called “Multi-Method Panels”.

Multi-Gene Panels are tests that interrogate more than one gene by one method. Any relevant method can be used, but these tests most often are performed by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sanger Sequencing or Del/Dup analysis. The 81 approved panel names created by GeneTests up until late 2013 are included in this group. This group of panels were general names approved by the GeneTests staff. However, no gene symbols or disorder names were associated with any of the original panels.

With the re-launch of GeneTests in 2014, labs could submit their own, uniquely named panels. Each panel could include the list of genes and disorders addressed by the test. Most labs include both in their panels. Tests designated as Panels by the submitting laboratory are reviewed to confirm agreement between the genes and disorders and to confirm that the test type is a panel by our definition (i.e., each panel interrogates more than one gene). As of June, 2016, there are 4,538 multi-gene panel tests in the GeneTests databases.

Many laboratories perform tests that include more than one method, and we previously had no way to designate this. We are now designating any test that employs more than one method as a Multi-Method Panel. The most common combination of methods is NGS, Sanger, and/or Del/Dup analysis. The GeneTests databases currently include 21,366 tests that employ more than one method.

Search Tips for Panels

  • How can I find a test that includes selected specific genes?

In the search box on the homepage enter the gene symbols you are interested in separated by commas. The results should include all panels that include those specific genes.

  • How do I find the gene I am interested in in a panel?

All gene symbols for a specific test are displayed in alphabetical order. 

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