PreventionGenetics (Prevention Genetics), Clinical DNA Testing and DNA Banking
3800 S. Business Park Ave.
WI 54449
PreventionGenetics is a leader in providing comprehensive clinical DNA testing offering NextGen Sequencing, Sanger sequencing and deletion/duplication testing via array CGH for over 1,300 genes. Our highly experienced team of geneticists provide fast turnaround times, outstanding personalized service and the highest quality testing at the lowest prices possible. PreventionGenetics is CLIA/CAP accredited and has the largest DNA test menu of any laboratory in America.

Phone:(715) 387-0484
Fax:(715) 384-3661

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Director:Angela Gruber, PhD

Director:Todd Kroll, MD, PhD

Director:Juan Dong, PhD, FACMG

Director:Michael Chicka, PhD

Director:Khemissa Bejaoui, PhD

Director:Luke Drury, PhD

Director:Madhulatha Pantrangi, PhD

Director:Anthony Krentz, PhD

Director:Jerry Machado, PhD, FCCMG, DABMG

Director:Srirangan Sampath, PhD, FACMG

Director:Wuyan Chen, PhD

Director:James Weber, PhD

Director:McKenna Kyriss, PhD

Director:Li Fan, MD, PhD, FCCMG, FACMG

Director:Kym Bliven, PhD

Director:Ben Dorshorst, PhD

Director:Fang Xu, PhD, FACMG

Director:Jiabin Zhang, PhD

Director:Diane Allingham-Hawkins, PhD, FCCMG, FACMG

Director:Moumita Chaki, PhD

Director:Greg Fischer, PhD

CLIA:52D1027685 (expires: 04/2018)
Other certification:CAP, ISO 15189
Last updated:June 28, 2017