Synonym(s): Tsase, TMS, HsT422, TS

Locus: 18p11.32


Test Type
Molecular (8)
Multi-Gene Panel (7)
Multi-Method Panel (2)
Test Method
Del/Dup (CNV) (1)
Mutation Scanning of Entire Coding Region (1)
Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) (5)
Genotyping (Microarray, Beads, etc.) (2)
Sequencing, Next Gen (2)
Lab Location
TheraGuide 5-FU
method(s): ◦ Mutation Scanning of Entire Coding Region 
Genetic Technologies Pty Ltd - Victoria, Australia
Susceptibility to Drugs (5-Fluoruracil), Sequencing DPYD Gene and Genotype (2R/2R,2R/3R,3R/3R) TYMS Gene
method(s): ◦ Genotyping (Microarray, Beads, etc.) ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) 
Reference Laboratory Genetics - Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
5-fluorouracil toxicity (2 alleles on MTHFR, 1 allele on TYMS and 1 allele on DPYD genes)
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) 
CGC Genetics - Porto, Portugal
Toxicity to Fluoropyrimidines: DPYD gene and TYMS (2R / 2R, 2R / 3R o 3R / 3R) gene sequence analysis and genotype determination
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) 
GENETAQ, Molecular Genetics Centre - Malaga, Spain
TAT: 4-6 weeks
price: contact lab
Somatic Tumor Panel
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Next Gen 
CeGaT GmbH - Tübingen, Germany
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) Toxicity and Chemotherapeutic Response, 5 Mutations
method(s): ◦ Genotyping (Microarray, Beads, etc.) 
ARUP Laboratories, Molecular Genetics Laboratory - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
TAT: 4-5 Weeks
price: contact lab
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Next Gen ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) ◦ Del/Dup (CNV) 
Fulgent Diagnostics - Temple City, CA, USA
TAT: 7-10 days
price: contact lab
Fluoropyrimidine Drug (5-FU) Sensitivity Genotyping, Blood
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) 
Mayo Clinic - Minnesota, Personalized Genomics Laboratory - Rochester, MN, USA