Synonym(s): KIAA1301, NEDL2

Locus: 2q32.3

Protein: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HECW2


Test Type
Molecular (3)
Multi-Gene Panel (2)
Multi-Method Panel (2)
Test Method
Del/Dup (CNV) (2)
Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) (1)
Sequencing, Next Gen (3)
Lab Location
TAT: 8-10 weeks
price: contact lab
Epilepsy Exome Panel
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Next Gen 
University of Chicago, Genetic Services Laboratory - Chicago, IL, USA
TAT: 2-4 weeks
price: contact lab
Comprehensive Epilepsy (NextGen Sequencing Panel and Copy Number Analysis; 554 Genes + mtDNA)
method(s): ◦ Del/Dup (CNV) ◦ Sequencing, Next Gen 
MNG Laboratories (Medical Neurogenetics, LLC.) - Atlanta, GA, USA
TAT: 4-5 Weeks
price: contact lab
method(s): ◦ Sequencing, Next Gen ◦ Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) ◦ Del/Dup (CNV) 
Fulgent Diagnostics - Temple City, CA, USA