International Genetics Clinic Directory

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Division of Medical Genetics
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine 1st Floor, Suite 300S 3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, 19104 PA, USA

phone: 215-662-4740
fax: 215-614-0298

Description:Clinical services provided by the Division of Medical Genetics include diagnostic evaluation, medical management and genetic counseling for patients with known or suspected genetic disorders. Our team of medical genetics service providers has special expertise in specific genetic disorders or groups of disorders. Patient care is provided primarily through specialized centers set up to meet the needs of older children and adults with specific inherited disorders.
Clinic hours:Available on request
Time zone:Eastern Time (ET - UTC-5:00/-4:00 - North America, Caribbean, Central America)
Additional information:Mailing Address: 3400 Spruce Street 5 Silverstein Philadelphia, PA 19104
Services provided:Adult Genetics
Speciality clinics:Connective Tissue Disorders, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Infusion Service for Enzyme Replacement, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders, Neurofibromatosis, Tuberous Sclerosis, Other
Certification of clinical staff by category:American Board of Genetic Counseling (Genetic Counselor), American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (Clinical Biochemical Genetics), American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (Clinical Genetics and Genomics)
Translation via phone:Yes
Last updated:August 12, 2016

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